September 7th

Jean Michel Jarre · AERO

On September 7th 2002, the French electronic musician Jean Michel Jarre performed his very first outdoor concert in Scandinavia in Gammel Vraa Enge Windmill Park, Denmark. The project, entitled AERO, originally intended as a tribute to the wind, also turned out to be a tribute to water, as the field turned quite muddy after some 22mm of rain. The amount of rain far surpassing that of the legendary Docklands concert has thus caused some Jarre fans to refer to the concert as "Mudnetic Fields".

In spite of the heavy rain, I managed to take some photos during the concert. Even though they never really turned out the way I hoped, I have decided to place some of them on these pages. To browse through the photos, click the next and previous buttons below. Click on the windmill to return to this page.

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Anders Thorsen Holm