Jeg faldt over følgende digt en aften, jeg surfede på nettet... følte i et svagt øjeblik, at jeg mÃ¥tte tilføje det til min hjemmeside:

Have you ever walked on the beach with no one's hand to hold?
Have you thought about being with someone, and you two growing old?

Have you awaken from sleeping to a beating drum?
Have you realized it was your own heart,
and not another's sleeping hum?

Have you had your heart broken with no one there to mend?
and still yet came back, to have it done again?

Have you been to a movie, a show or a play?
Have you had a ticket for you and the other to give away?

Have you had a horrible day and no one with it to share?
Have you sat in the darkness just wanting to hear "I care"?

Have you ever just wanted a hug, or maybe a few?
Have you ever been to a restaurant?
and just wanted a table for two?

Have you ever watched the sun or maybe even the moon?
and were thankful for everything in life
but feared it would all end soon?

Have you ever sat on a holiday, just wishing for someone to call?
Have you ever kept being defeated,
even after you give it your all?

Have you ever walked by someone sitting alone at a park bench?
Have you ever noticed their frown?
or how they never even flinch?

Maybe there are others who also feel this pain,
and maybe even perhaps more who will never know lonely's name.